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Mesa County Planning Commission: 12/16/2021 6:00 PM
Mesa County Commissioners: 01/18/2022 9:00 AM
Property Owners: N/A
Representative: N/A
Planner: Greg Moberg,,
Location: *
Parcel #: N/A 
Zoning: *
Request: The Mesa County Planning Division is proposing amendments to the following Sections and Tables of the Mesa County 2020 Land Development Code (as amended): Section 1.11.; Table 3-1; Section 4.01; Chapter 4.10 – add a new process for Exempt Land Divisions; Section 5.01; Section 5.02; Section 6.01 A.; Table 6-1; Section 6.04 E.2.d.; Section 7.03 B.2. and 3.; and Section 12.01. The proposed amendments are to correct unintentional omissions or to modify language that clarifies the intent of the specific section or table. In addition, a new section is proposed to add an exempt land division process and it is proposed to modify the owner occupancy requirement for accessory dwelling units. Details of the proposed amendments can be found at the following link:

* Call or email the planner for additional information and include the project name and number with your questions or comments.

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