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Project Name: PRO2021-0229 BLAKEY AA
Property Owners: BLAKEY ALBERT K
Representative: BLAKEY ALBERT K
Planner: Faye Hall,,
Location: 200 EAGLE TRAIL CT, WHITEWATER 81527 Hwy 50 & Bean Ranch Road
Parcel #: 3203-052-02-004 
Zoning: AFT
Request: To allow the use of the current AFT setback requirements of 10 feet from the side property line and 30 feet from the rear property line, as opposed to the 50 foot setback requirements from the side and rear property line that are noted on the Subdivision Plat and are therefore currently required.

Call or email the planner for additional information and include the project name and number with your questions or comments.

Land Development Application Map