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Project Name: PRO2021-0168 SLICKROCK AA
Property Owners: SMITH ZEBULON S
Representative: SMITH ZEBULON S
Planner: Faye Hall,,
Location: 856 SLICKROCK DR, MACK 81525 Old 6 & 50 and Robinson Court
Parcel #: 2683-334-10-006 
Zoning: AFT
Request: To amend the existing No Build Zone that was placed on the recorded Site Plan for the Ruby Estates South Subdivision Filing 2. The No Build zone was originally placed on the Site Plan to bring attention to the potential property buyers that care must be taken when building near an existing drainage. The amendment to this No Build Zone is based on a site-specific geotechnical investigation and recommendation by a licensed Engineer.

Call or email the planner for additional information and include the project name and number with your questions or comments.

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