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Project Name: PRO2021-0028 YARMEY ADAMS PA
Property Owners: YARMEY THOMAS M
Representative: YARMEY THOMAS
Planner: Courtney Patch,,
Location: 980 OLD 6 AND 50, MACK 81525 W of 10 Rd, N side of Old 6 & 50
Parcel #: 2683-344-00-243 
Zoning: *
Request: To adjust the property lines between the 3 unplatted parcels to combine land resulting in 2 unplatted parcels. Parcel 1 will become 2.22 acres and Parcel 2 will become 5.22 acres.

* Call or email the planner for additional information and include the project name and number with your questions or comments.

Land Development Application Map