CALL OFF -  August 20, 2019 - 04:57 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 22 Idriana Lemus 19CR167 Continued
Aug. 29 Paige Willis 19CR546 Vacated
Paige Willis 19CR547 Vacated
Paige Willis 19CR541 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 20 Clarice Taulbee 19M1008 Vacated
Aug. 21 Patricia Ward 19CR737 Vacated
Aug. 28 Mark Bresqko 18CR2083 Plead
Sep. 4 Jonathan Kronus 19CR719 Plead
Sep. 6 Jonathan Kronus 19CR719 Plead
Sep. 16 Luis Vasquez 19CR973 Vacated
Sep. 18 Armando Ibarra-Medina 18CR2422 Plead
Sep. 23 Dale Lange 19CR765 Plead
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 21 Dustin Witt 18CR1186 Vacated
Sean Eddy 17CR2382     Continued
Aug. 22 Joshua Obrien 18CR2212 Dismissed
Valeria Garcia-Gonzalez 18CR1357 Vacated
Kristy Wilson 14M2290 Vacated
Darrell Futch 17CR2007 Vacated
William Love 17M3511 Vacated
William Love 18M1873 Vacated
Leann Olsen 18M1960 Continued
Aug. 26 Roger Ruppelius 18CR2132 Plead
Justin Rich 17CR1061 Vacated
Charles Smith 17CR2166 Plead
Gabriel Hutchinson 18CR681 Continued
Aug. 27 Kirk Jones 17CR254 Plead
Richard Taylor 19M601 Vacated
Aug. 29 Richard Taylor 19M805 Vacated
Sep. 3 Christopher Booker 18CR1894 Plead
Harry Trounce 18CR2475 Plead
Sep. 5 Harry Trounce 18CR2475 Plead
Cory Gardiner 18T1342 Plead
Sep. 12 Jordan Brown 19M340 Vacated
Jordan Brown 19M440 Vacated
Sep. 16 Christopher Booker 18CR1882 Plead
Brandon Wiese 18CR1481 Vacated
Isaac Maldonado 19CR896 Plead
Sep. 17 John Thomas 19M610 Vacated
Sep. 18 Ricky Bauder 18CR1252 Continued
Sep. 23 David Garcia 18CR1065 Plead
Jason Lunk 19CR1206 Plead
Sep. 24 Clarice Taulbee 17CR1702 Vacated
Sep. 26 Ceasar Rocha 18CR2530 Plead
Nathan Noble 18CR1168 Continued
Sep. 30 Sebrina Kelley 18CR521 Plead
David Garcia 18CR2492 Plead
Kirk Jones 17CR70 Plead
Jonathan Kronus 19CR719 Plead
Oct. 3 David Garcia 18CR780 Plead
Oct. 7 Roger Ruppelius 19CR89 Plead
Heather Greene 18CR1246 Continued
Oct. 8 Nathaniel Trujillo 19M966 Vacated
Oct. 24 Patricia Ward 19CR737 Vacated
Oct. 28 Mark Bresqko 18CR2083 Plead
Dustin Witt 18CR1129 Plead
Nov. 5 Paul Gonzales 18CR576 Continued
Nov.18 Armando Ibarra-Medina 18CR2422 Plead
Dec. 2 Kirk Jones 17CR70 Plead
Dec. 5 Samuel Simmons 18CR2053 Plead
Dale Lange 19CR765 Plead
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado