CASES CALLED OFF -  September 29, 2023 - 04:17 PM
  The following court hearings have been called off.  They are listed by date of appearance. 
You do not have to appear in court if the case is listed below.   
Appearance Date  Defendant Name  Case Number  Hearing Type 
10/3/2023 Robert Rink 22CR1090 Trial
Jeremy Anderson 23CR471 Trial
Carey Winters 22T2571 Trial
10/5/2023 Kevin Ortega 22M979 Trial
Carey Winters 23T323 Trial
Jacqueline Harvey 22T2386 Trial
10/9/2023 James Cagle 21CR1253 Trial
Chloe Estes 23CR317 Trial
Matthew Belveal 22M2803 Trial
Alyssa Willson 22T1551 Trial
Madalen Vaughn-Thompson 22M3786 Trial
Matthew Stock 22CR695 Trial
Michael Wahlert 22CR1567 Trial
John Smith 23CR343 Trial
Shawn Hamm 23CR324 Trial
10/10/2023 Ryan Fazzi 23CR444 Motions Hearing
10/11/2023 Charles Campbell 23T106 Motions Hearing
10/12/2023 Anthony Howell 22M5091 Trial
Cory Young 23M679 Trial
Charles Norsby 23M1270 Trial
10/16/2023 Keaton Moody 23T274 Trial
Joshua Morgan 22CR1274 Trial
Sergio Hernandez 23CR389 Trial
Joshua Morgan 22CR1274 Trial
10/17/2023 Nicholas Lafleur 23CR246 Trial
10/18/2023 Zachary Ruck 23CR371 Trial
Jesse Slayton 23CR85 Trial
10/23/2023 Samantha Flores 22CR1056 Trial
10/24/2023 Arial Franklin 21CR1556 Trial
10/25/2023 David Cox 23T1270 Motions Hearing
10/30/2023 Paul Vincent 22CR323 Trial
Raymon Esparza 23T967 Trial
Christopher Reid 22M1250 Trial
Christopher Reid 21T3123 Trial
John Smith 23CR344 Trial
11/1/2023 Greggory Dennis 22M3459 Trial
Greggory Dennis 23T395 Trial
Greggory Dennis 23T986 Trial
Greggory Dennis 22T2594 Trial
Greggory Dennis 23M579 Trial
Greggory Dennis 23M252 Trial
11/14/2023 Matthias Brehm 23CR405 Trial
11/8/2023 Nathan Saffer 23CR430 Trial
Jackson Rice 22T700 Trial
11/9/2023 Charles Campbell 23T106 Trial
11/20/2023 Daniel Maruca 17T2027 Trial
Daniel Maruca 17T2316 Trial
Daniel Maruca 18M280 Trial
11/28/2023 Dennis Keller 21CR77 Trial
12/11/2023 Andrew Parrish 23CR773 Motions Hearing
12/14/2023 David Cox 23T1270 Trial
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado