CALL OFF -  May 27, 2020 - 04:58 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
May. 28 Gary Ortiz 17CR765 Continued
Gary Ortiz 16CR5882 Continued
Jonathan Melton 19CR1879 Vacated
Michael Freitas 20CR567 Vacated
David Dawson 20CR591 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
May. 29 Nicole Martinez 19CR2039 Plead
Blake Hibbs 19CR1989 Continued
Troy Anthony 19T3682 Vacated
Jun. 4 Frankie Sanchez 19CR1986 Vacated
Jun. 5 Jackson Burrell 19M2076 Plead
Jun. 15 Troy Anthony 19T3682 Continued
Jul. 8 Melody Corpening 19T2888 Continued
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
May. 27 Jacob Hofer 19M1172 Continued
Jacquelyn Powers 19M3141 Vacated
Marcus Martinez 19M3169 Vacated
Leonard Ybarra 19M2086 Vacated
Daryl Miller 19CR1387 Continued
Mathias Brehm 19T3542 Vacated
May. 28 Gerald Coffee 19M3238 Continued
Michael Hyde 19M2151 Continued
Alejandro Castaneda 19M421 Vacated
Darrill Rockwell 19M88 Vacated
Jacquelyn Powers 19M3342 Vacated
Stephen Speight 19M3153 Vacated
Kimberly Goure 19M955 Continued
Lane Davis 19M2503 Continued
Jun. 1 Lance Ferguson 19CR115 Continued
Alexander Murphy-McManis 19CR477 Plead
Jun. 3 Abigail Cowell 19CR1718 Dismissed
Nicole Martinez 19CR2039 Vacated
Edward Morris 19CR1975 Continued
Jun. 4 Ashanti Schmitt 19M3251 Dismissed
Jordan Wilson 19M2756 Plead
Terry Moore 19M2133 Vacated
Jun. 8 Tyler Hunt 17CR120 Continued
Jun. 10 Travis Stout 19CR1740 Plead
Jun. 11 Cleveland Akin 20M353 Continued
Melody Corpening 19T2888 Continued
Jun. 15 Zachary Worel 18CR2532 Vacated
Larry Brooks 19CR2008 Vacated
Anthony Alcon 19CR1300 Continued
Dalton Castleberry 19CR2130 Continued
James Rynerson 19CR2320 Dismissed
Jun. 16 Patricia Walton 19M2117 Vacated
John Schimmer 19M2145 Dismissed
Clyde Barella 19M3103 Continued
Michael Hyde 19M2151 Continued
Ryan Hunt 19M1855 Continued
Tony Bruice 18M1274 Continued
Jun. 18 Thomas Murphy 19CR2388 Continued
Johnathan Charlston 20M148 Plead
Thomas Nelson 19T3633 Vacated
Kaid Dunlap 19T1249 Continued
Jun. 22 Blake Hibbs 19CR1989 Continued
Nina Abeyta 19JD335 Vacated
Jeremiah Robinson 19CR1858 Dismissed
Jun. 23 Robert Smith 20CR153 Continued
Jun. 25 Deeann Sisneros 19CR851 Continued
Jun. 29 Brandon Williams 19CR135 Continued
Jul. 6 Gene Gana 19CR2160 Vacated
Jul. 16 Devon Slover 19T3691 Plead
Jul. 21 Cherish Rocha-Houck 19M743 Vacated
Aug. 3 William Dudich 18CR2326 Continued
Oct. 22 Jonathan Kees 17M2822 Continued Nathan Muscarella 18M2697 Continued
Oct. 23
Cody Tidwell
Vacated Paul Garcia 17CR2078 Continued
Oct. 24
Patricia Ward 19CR737 Vacated
Gabrielle Self 19T940 Plead
Tasha Dixon 18CR2220 Vacated Debbie Peterson 18M2296 Dismissed Norman McFarland 19M1081 Vacated
Oct. 24 Tommy Jones 18T2844 Dismissed
Oct. 28 Mark Bresqko 18CR2083 Plead
Dustin Witt
Plead Otoniel Fernandez-Rodriguez 18CR1306 Continued
Charles Moore 18CR2089 Vacated
Oct. 29 Robert Boos 19M1188 Dismissed
Tommy Jones 19T1181 Plead Charlotte Fry 19T802 Dismissed Nov. 5 Paul Gonzales 18CR576 Continued
Rocky Dodson 18CR2360 Continued Nov. 7 Jason Lunk 19M1067 Vacated Michael Groessl 19CR219 Plead Benjamin Tomasi 18T1498 Plead Nov. 12 Ryan Ricks 17CR2113 Plead Sergio Torrez 18CR2171 Vacated Nov.18 Armando Ibarra-Medina 18CR2422 Plead Gabriel Milligan 18CR2107 Continued Brandon Stiles 19CR905 Plead Nov. 19 Samuel Ensley 19M548 Plead Ashlie Dancer 19M1452 Plead Nov. 21 Teresa Kubis 19T686 Vacated Ryan Burms 19T639 Plead Nov. 25 Cody Tidwell 19CR529 Vacated Juan Rosales 18CR1035 Plead Dec. 2 Kirk Jones 17CR70 Plead Dec. 5 Samuel Simmons 18CR2053 Plead Dale Lange 19CR765 Plead Brandon Laird 18CR597 Plead Teresa Kubis 19M1807 Vacated Heather Moore 19T1042 Plead Dec. 10 Teresa Kubis 19M1938 Vacated Dec. 16 Jeff Graybill 19CR600 Plead Dec. 19 Chastity Sauzo 18CR1599 Dismissed Jan. 27 Nicholas Boutilier 18CR177 Vacated Feb. 18 Carlos Alcon 19CR1691 Plead Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado