CALL OFF -  August 15, 2018 - 11:00 AM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 8 Jeffrey Pierce 18CR549 Continued
Aug. 9 Joshua Salazar 18CR1242 Vacated
Aug. 24 Ben Otto 17CR966 Vacated
Aug. 29 Susan Malwitz 18CR399 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 13 Leticia Velarde 18CR748 Continued
Aug. 15 Brandy Ryan 18M357 Plead
Austin Trail 16T6700 Plead
Aug. 17 Steven Haggard 17M630 Plead
Aug. 21 Tammy Summers 18M424 Dismissed
Aug. 27 Jennifer Valdez 18CR339 Continued
Adrian Garcia 18T391 Vacated
Aug. 29 Julion Moreno 18M115 Dismissed
Susan Malwitz 18CR399 Vacated
Sep. 18 Christine Pidgeon 17M888 Continued
Sep. 19 Louis Guillen 17JD158 Vacated
Oct. 17 Christopher Shelton 17CR2314 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 13 Trevor Rogalski 17CR1298 Plead
Christopher Andrews 17CR109 Vacated
Amanda Gadberry 17CR2426 Vacated
Aug. 16 Lacey Cloud 15M2240 Plead
Christina Beth 17M955 Vacated
Noel Bean 17M3532 Vacated
Damon Darby 18M192 Vacated
Albert Sanchez 18T46 Vacated
James Roland 18CR477 Plead
Larry Nave 17T879 Vacated
Javier Alba 17T2098 Vacated
April Gallob 17M2043 Vacated
Jordan Brinkerhoff 17M3117 Vacated
Aug. 20 Daniel Sasser 17CR589 Vacated
Aug. 21 Christina Beth 17M2514 Vacated
Kristopher Haywood 17T2205 Vacated
Aug. 22 Steven Gearhart 17CR1149 Plead
Larry Nave 18CR117 Plead
Aug. 23 Alvaro Hernandez 16M5991 Vacated
Christina Beth 17M3090 Vacated
Steven Carbajal 17M2501 Continued
Jason Chrusch 18M539 Plead
Steven Carbajal 17M183 Vacated
Jason Chrusch 18M564 Plead
Damon Darby 18M327 Vacated
Aug. 24 Israel Massingill 17CR1381 Continued
Aug. 27 Robert White 17CR106 Plead
Charles Shaw 17CR2150 Vacated
Aug. 30 Joshua Trumball 18M556 Dismissed
Mark Fitzgerald 18M626 Plead
Lauren Alvarez 17M3549 Vacated
John Otero 18M112 Dismissed
Jody McKenna 18T2 Vacated
Roy Hamman 18T83 Dismissed
Austin Carter 17M2663 Plead
Sep. 6 Jason Downs 17M3502 Dismissed
Ryan Hodson 17M2304 Vacated
Victoria Powers 17M2227 Dismissed
Leo Young 18M820  Plead
Brent Archibeque 17CR1175 Plead
Sep. 10 Veronica Kelley 18CR612 Dismissed
Patrick Jones 17CR1419 Plead
Susan Malwitz 18CR399 Vacated
Sep. 11 Bryan Johnson 18CR346 Continued
Sep. 13 Paul Morgan 17M3372 Vacated
Derek Koehler 16CR6055 Vacated
Joseph Fox 17CR21 Plead
Sep. 15 Aaron Johnson 17CR2003 Plead
Sep. 17 Larry Nave 18CR132 Plead
Sep. 18 Tiffany Kersenbrock 18M432 Plead
Tiffany Kersenbrock 18M1210 Plead
Tiffany Kersenbrock 18M794 Plead
Tiffany Kersenbrock 18T369 Plead
Sep. 20 Brandie Spoon 17M2511 Dismissed
Sep. 27 Ben Otto 17CR966 Vacated
Dustin Leatherman 17T3312 Vacated
Oct. 1 Nathan White 16CR6087 Vacated
Norwood Wheeler 18CR17 Plead
Austin Cone 17CR2294 Vacated
Leticia Velarde 18CR748 Continued
Oct. 4 Paul Morgan 17M3372 Dismissed
Oct. 11 Mitchell Irwin 17T3644 Vacated
Jamie Rivera 18T260 Plead
Oct. 15 Mark Fitzgerald 18T906 Vacated
Wheeler Norwood 17CR1719 Plead
Oct. 17 Brandy Ryan 18M357 Plead
Austin Trail 16T6700 Plead
Oct. 18 Mark Fitzgerald 18M974 Vacated
Robert Timmins 18M700 Plead
Donnie Powell 18M559 Plead
Oct. 22 Aaron Morphis 17CR1391 Vacated
Bryan Johnson 17CR1403 Vacated
Louis Guillen 17JD158 Vacated
Kody Smith 18CR337 Plead
Bryan Johnson 18CR137 Continued
Oct. 24 Dustin Leatherman 17T3312 Continued
Oct. 25 Julion Moreno 18M115 Dismissed
Oct. 29 Aaron Morphis 17CR1256 Vacated
Nov. 1 Steven Haggard 17M630 Plead
Nov. 8 Leo Young 18M1409 Plead
Tammy Summers 18M424 Dismissed
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado