CALL OFF -  December 14, 2018 - 04:39 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Jan. 11 Andrew Gabriel 18CR1133 Vacated
Andrew Gabriel 18CR1132 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Dec. 19 Liliana Soto 18M1231 Plead
John Alsup 18M1260 Vacated
John Alsup 18T1426 Vacated
Dec. 20 Nicholas Medina 18CR1821 Plead
Dec. 21 Katrina Wolf 18CR708 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Dec.17 Bryan Johnson 18CR137 Vacated
David Chambers 18CR1099 Plead
Hai Qiu Wan 17CR1954 Vacated
James Hill 16CR292 Continued
Dede Bowers 18CR695 Plead
David Garcia 18CR1065 Vacated
Omar Olivas 18M469 Vacated
Dec. 19 Paul Saunders 18CR938 Continued
Dec. 20 Michol Buffam 18M2127 Continued
Liliana Soto 18T905 Vacated
Michael Albert 18CR1225 Plead
James Murphy 18M425 Plead
Benjamin Thorpe 18CR831 Plead
Patricia Clements 18JD200 Vacated
Mario Santiago 18T1448 Continued
Charles Trujillo 18T1402 Continued
Roy Walck 17T1572 Plead
Steve Sheehy 18M2506 Vacated
Ciara Alirez 18M1439 Vacated
Dec. 26 Cody Passero 18CR1537 Dismissed
Ryan Oliver 17CR1588 Continued
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Jan. 2 John Alsup 18CR949 Vacated
Jan. 3 Valeria Garcia-Gonzalez 18CR1357 Continued
Jose Lopez 17CR2054 Vacated
Kirk Jones 17CR85 Vacated
Jan. 8 Jeremy Townsend 17M3424 Vacated
Liliana Soto 18M1022 Vacated
Jan. 9 Lesly Velazquez-Mendoza 18CR945 Vacated
Kirk Jones 17CR254 Vacated
Jan. 10 Rufus Phelps 18CR1433 Plead
Roy Walck 17T2745 Plead
Jan. 14 Bradley Richens 17CR2210 Plead
Jan. 15 Richard Delahanty 16CR5903 Plead
Jan. 22 Rodrigo Lopez 18CR731 Plead
Jan. 24 Liliana Soto 18M1231 Plead
Jan. 28 Rachel Pearace 18CR1298 Plead
Jordan Dry 17CR796 Continued
Jan. 31 Andrew Hall 18M1620 Vacated
Steven Shelp 18M2657 Vacated
Feb. 4 James Bardell 18CR67 Vacated
Feb. 7 Vickie Spencer 18M2076 Dismissed
Feb. 14 Dylan Shane 18M2595 Plead
Brad Novlesky 18M1621 Vacated
Feb. 19 James Bardell 18CR68 Vacated
Manuella Castaneda 18M467 Dismissed
Feb. 21 Brad Novlesky 18M2493 Vacated
Feb. 25 Alexzander Brown 18CR654 Plead
Mar. 13 Jodelle Thompson 18CR1651 Plead
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado