CASES CALLED OFF -  June 14, 2024 - 02:32 PM
  The following court hearings have been called off.  They are listed by date of appearance. 
You do not have to appear in court if the case is listed below.   
Appearance Date  Defendant Name  Case Number  Hearing Type 
6/17/2024 Sarah Leonard  23M2216 Trial 
Hector Rosales  22CR914 Trial 
Ryan Fazzi 23CR444 Trial
6/18/2024 Evan Judkins 23CR1161 Motions Hearing 
6/20/2024 Warren Macon  24JD88 Trial 
Jeffrey Rohracker 23CR514 Trial 
6/21/2024 Warren Macon  24JD88 Trial 
6/24/2024 Kole Krukenberg  23CR1327 Trial 
Tami Snowden  21CR1421 Trial
Joanne Rizzuto 23CR39 Trial
6/27/2024 Jade Maldonado  23T1443 Trial 
Arturo Torres 23CR1175 Trial 
7/8/2024 Monica Mazzuca  23M2480 Trial 
Patrick Mcdonald  23CR841 Trial 
Wesley Wilson 22M1776 Trial
7/15/2024 Carlos Delacruz  24M402 Trial 
7/18/2024 Christopher Brickford  24M523 Trial 
Wesley Wilson 22M3101 Trial
7/22/2024 Iain Stauter 23CR883 Trial 
Damien Martinez  23CR513 Trial 
7/23/2024 Glenn Nash  23M2946 Trial 
7/25/2024 Anthony Monzon-Zaikowski  23M1307 Trial 
Joshua Suplizio 23T1905 Trial 
7/30/2024 Bryce Levalley  23M1039 Trial 
8/5/2024 Matthew Scovill 22T2319 Trial
8/12/2024 Armando Aparicio 23CR899 Trial
8/13/2024 Brandon Miller  24M155 Trial 
8/8/2024 Damien Martinez  24CR65 Trial 
8/22/2024 Anthony Monzon-Zaikowski  23M1475 Trial 
8/29/2024 Brandon Miller  24M386 Trial 
9/27/2024 Eric Ruiz Morales  22CR5117 Trial 
10/3/2024 Michael Fuller  23T464 Trial 
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado