CALL OFF -  October 15, 2021 - 10:26 AM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Sep. 30 Micah Hawkins 21CR1142 Plea
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Oct. 15 Bonnie Butler 21CR536 Vacated
Jesus Barrera 21CR807 Plea
Dennis Keller 21CR77 Continued
Oct. 20 Brian Hartman 20CR1329 Vacated
Starr Washburn 21M593 Vacated
Oct. 22 Nathan Schroder 20CR287 Vacated
Oct. 29 Bradley Tilton 20CR596 Vacated
Nov. 22 Derrick Peterson 20CR1798 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:                      
Oct. 14 Heron Reyes-Hernandez 20T1817 Plea
Jammie Sell 19M1686 Dismissed
Jammie Sell 19T1218 Continued
Brian Calkins 21M679 Dismissed
Oct. 18 Edward Zagrany 21CR707 Plea
Brett Burke 19CR1821 Plea
Anthony Burciago-Jurado 20CR1560 Plea
Malcolm Martin 19CR1917 Plea
Oct. 19 Thomas Brown 20T981 Vacated
Emily Hill 20M3309 Vacated
Brian Rodriguez 20M28 Vacated
Oct. 20 Starr Washburn 21CR226 Plea
Oct. 21 Travis Roberts 21M378 Vacated
Thomas Brown 20M769 Dismissed
Dwayne Hayes 20M355 Vacated
Justin Duran 20T1355 Vacated
Sasha Wilson 20M3153 Plea
Oct. 25 John Taylor 19CR1968 Plea
John Cimms 21CR81 Vacated
Malcolm Martin 19CR1571 Vacated
Oct. 27 Bayleigh Stephens 21CR499 Plea
Oct. 28 Nya Tutt-Quintana 20M3042 Continued
Nov. 1 Andrew Gonzales 21CR377 Plea
Nov. 2 Bayleigh Stephens 21CR502 Plea
Nov. 4 Amanda Jackson 21T347 Vacated
Emily Hill 21M1376 Vacated
Nov. 8 Eugene Graham 21CR649 Plead
Gary Warrior 20CR922 Dismissed
Jesus Barrera 21CR807 Plea
Nov. 9 Mario Atencio 20M851 Vacated
Emily Hill 21M1424 Vacated
Nov. 15 Bonnie Butler 21CR536 Vacated
Sidney Williams 21CR322 Vacated
Nov. 16 Robert Blake 19CR2184 Dismissed
Joseph Valdez 21CR835 Plea
Nov. 22 Zachary Hagood 20CR1221 Vacated
Nov. 26 Michael Swartz 20M1190 Plea
Nov. 29 Zachary Hagood 20CR759 Vacated
Larry Hays 20CR966 Plea
Nathan Schroder 20CR287 Vacated
Nov. 30 Tisha Miller 20M2677 Vacated
Phillip Pursche 20M2806 Vacated
Starr Washburn 21M532 Vacated
Dec. 2 Tisha Miller 21M27 Vacated
Phillip Pursche 21M272 Vacated
Jesse Leszko 20T1517 Vacated
Mario Atencio 21M244 Vacated
Starr Washburn 21M593 Vacated
Dec. 6 Zachary Hagood 20CR1485 Vacated
Larry Hays 21CR1000 Plea
Sidney Williams 20CR1687 Vacated
Dec. 13 Bayleigh Stephens 21CR509 Plea
Brian Hartman 20CR1329 Dismissed
Dec. 16 Richard Payne 21M246 Vacated
Jan. 6 Richard Payne 21M1651 Vacated
Jan. 18 Nathan Schroder 20CR28 Vacated
Jan. 19 Pamela Wallace 21CR205 Vacated
Jan. 24 Nathan Schroder 20CR1070 Vacated
Jan. 27 Richard Payne 21M2230 Vacated
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado