CALL OFF -  April 20, 2021 - 04:10 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Apr. 9 David Rohde 21CR229 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Apr. 19 Elizabeth Vanantwerp 19T61 Continued
Apr. 30 Desiree Colmenero 20M3239 Dismissed
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:                    
Apr. 20 Charles Vanlandingham 20CR1034 Plead
Raul Coria 19CR2434 Dismissed
Emilio Menendez-Paz 20M542 Vacated
Mario Marquez 20CR756 Dismissed
Apr. 22 Joshua Nieves 20M1089 Plead
Steven Richardson 20CR625 Plead
Steven Pomeroy 20M1343 Plead
Steven Pomeroy 20M1349 Plead
Sloan Tucker 20T133 Vacated
Joseph LeBlanc 20T1807 Vacated
Alexis Stucker 20M1114 Dismissed
Roy Hamman 19M2067 Continued
Kody Duckworth 20T1852 Continued
Laurie Anders 20M873 Continued
Apr. 26 Kimberly Rippy 19T3303 Continued
Mark Koury 19CR879 Plead
Joshua Rivera 20T985 Plead
Apr. 29 Trenton Miller 20M2192 Continued
Joshua Nieves 20M2832 Plead
Hector Mendoza 19CR1938 Plead
Jason Card 20CR576 Plead
May. 3 Nichole Roberts 20CR1010 Dismissed
Santiago Rubalcaba 20CR509 Plead
May. 4 Thomas Brown 20T891 Vacated
May. 6 Seth Upson 19T1798 Vacated
Thomas Brown 20T981 Vacated
Joshua Kelly 20M1209 Vacated
Joshua Kelly 20M1211 Vacated
Joshua Kelly 20M1212 Vacated
Joshua Kelly 20M1214 Vacated
Dwayne Hayes 20M4 Continued
May. 11 Jeffrey Rohracker 20CR286 Dismissed
Santiago Rubalcaba 20CR1184 Dismissed
Gary Wade 20CR1027 Plead
Malcolm Martin 19CR1917 Vacated
May. 12 Alfredo Becker 20CR1298 Dismissed
May. 13 Desiree Colmenero 20M2579 Dismissed
Kyler Rentie 20M976 Dismissed
May. 15 Blake Long 21T1247 Continued
May. 17 Justin Edwards 20CR751 Vacated
Cory Campbell 20CR1033 Vacated
May. 25 Amber Wade-Wyatt 20M1544 Vacated
Randy Neverson 20M2335 Vacated
May. 27 Amber Wade-Wyatt 20M2647 Vacated
Jun. 7 Wyatt Creamer 20CR1760 Plead
Jun. 14 Justin Edwards 18CR472 Vacated
Jun. 24 Tavorus Sutton 20T1394 Vacated
Jul. 6 Samuel Ensley 19CR2310 Continued
Jul. 12 Justin Edwards 18CR922 Vacated
Natasha Estes 20CR1489 Dismissed
Jul. 15 Desiree Colmenaro 20M3239 Dismissed
Jul. 26 Tawanda Brown 20CR651 Vacated
Jul. 29 Brett Wade 20M2732 Vacated
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado