CALL OFF -  February 20, 2019 - 04:52 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Feb. 20 Myron Balmer 18CR1146 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Feb. 20 Walter Dalton 18T2294 Vacated
Walter Dalton 17T1330 Vacated
Feb. 21 Naomi Dores 18CR306 Vacated
Mar. 13 Patricia Parker 18CR2123 Dismissed
May. 16 Brian Doyle 16CR5387 Continued
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Feb. 21 Brad Novlesky 18M2493 Vacated
John Alsup 18M2099 Plead
Christian Green 18M1000 Plead
Paul Heinrich 18CR1343 Plead
Kevin Blaylock 18M2375 Plead
Robyn Bentley 18CR1043 Continued
Steven Ellifrit 17M3467 Vacated
Alicia Crowell 18T2109 Vacated
John Johnson 18M477 Plead
Feb. 22 Steven Ellifrit 17M3467 Vacated
Feb. 25 Alexzander Brown 18CR654 Plead
David Garcia 18CR780 Vacated
Jason Mills 17CR773 Plead
Feb. 26 Alejandro Lopez-Nehmer 18CR1196 Continued
Feb. 27 Paul Garcia 18CR22 Vacated
Feb. 28 Colleen Rivet 18M1010 Vacated
David Fowle 18CR1980 Dismissed
Mar. 1 Alyssa Anton 18JD76 Plead
Mar. 4 Jason Mills 17CR822 Plead
Zachary Johnson 18CR1676 Plead  
Mar. 7 Brandon Probert 15M2842 Plead
Christian Green 18M751 Plead
Mar. 8 Thomas Brown 18CR917 Plead
Mar. 11 Milton Lopez 18CR1147 Vacated
Tara Nielsen 18CR1890 Plead
Christopher McQuoid 18CR547 Plead
Mar. 12 Jesse Tinsman 17T2779 Plead
Mar. 13 Jodelle Thompson 18CR1651 Plead
Mar. 14 Paul Garcia 17CR1029 Vacated
Mar. 21 Tiara Tipton 18M3491 Plead
Benjamin Simons 18M2409 Vacated
Mar. 25 Robin Marshall 18M218 Vacated
Shaughn O'Brien 16CR5942 Plead
Paul Garcia 17CR1848 Vacated
Mar. 26 Deana Damiano 18CR285 Continued
Mar. 28 Jesse Tinsman 17M2748 Plead
Robin Marshall 18M218 Vacated
Amy McDiffett 18M760 Vacated
Mar. 29 Paul Garcia 17CR2078 Vacated
Apr. 1 Garrett Emerson 18CR1262 Plead
Apr. 2 Eva Kiefer 18M2546 Vacated
Apr. 3 Renaldo Gustamantes 18CR1486 Continued
Apr. 8 Damien Baca 18CR1942 Vacated
Apr. 9 Cody Urban 18M2956 Vacated
Apr. 11 Naomi Dores 18CR151 Continued
Apr. 15 Patricia Parker 18CR2123 Dismissed
Gilbert Cantu 18CR643 Plead
Apr. 18 Amy Baudien 18CR1514 Vacated
Apr. 22 Naomi Dores 18CR151 Continued
May. 6 Marshon Scott 18CR1287 Vacated
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado