CASES CALLED OFF -  March 24, 2023 - 03:21 PM
  The following court hearings have been called off.  They are listed by date of appearance. 
You do not have to appear in court if the case is listed below.   
Appearance Date  Defendant Name  Case Number  Hearing Type 
3/22/2023 Manuel Rodriguez 22CR1347 Trial
3/23/2023 Larry Wilhite 22M1328 Trial
Marlon Espinoza-Lanza 21CR1959 Trial
Robert Castillo 22CR826 Trial
Sarah Leonard 22M131 Trial
Steven Marquez 20M1873 Trial
3/27/2023 Chistian Backer 22CR844 Trial
Michael Dupont 17CR287 Trial
3/28/2023 Peter Dresen 22T500 Trial
Andrea Phelps 22M775 Trial
3/30/2023 Elvira Suarez 22M1908 Trial 
Carlos Gonzalez 22M3413 Trial
Junior Ramirez 22M3422 Trial
Angelica Ramirez 22M3423 Trial
Carlos Gonzalez 22M3413 Trial
Brandon Workman 21M304 Trial
Destiny Johnson 21CR1658 Trial
Peter Dresen 22M1101 Trial
Joshua Gilcrease 22CR1543 Preliminary Hearing
3/31/2023 Lawrence Shostrom 22CR396 Trial
KC Hatley 22CR576 Preliminary Hearing
4/3/2023 Dominick Brath 22CR720 Trial 
Williams Carn 22CR5104 Trial
4/4/2023 Austin Hepp 22M5013 Trial
4/5/2023 Weston Dennig  22CR324 Motions Hearing 
4/10/2023 Uriel Busani 22CR1180 Trial
Lawrence Shostrom 22CR346 Trial
4/12/2023 Brandon Nash  22CR1180 Trial
4/13/2023 Mark Hage 21T1142 Trial
Michael Sanchez 23CR170 Preliminary Hearing
4/17/2023 Brandon Nash  22CR1172 Trial 
4/20/2023 Amber Olsen 21M2839 Trial
Jeremy Richards 22CR616 Trial
Craig Hall 22T107 Trial
4/24/2023 Ardella Taylor 22M1658 Trial
Ardella Taylor 22M2085 Trial
Francisco Avila-Sanchez 21T2229 Trial
4/26/2023 Ryan Harter 22CR1414 Trial
4/27/2023 Gerardo Macias-Macias 22CR394 Trial
Irma Linda Duque 18M953  Trial
5/1/2023 Lawrence Shostrom 22CR396 Trial
Adam Garcia 22CR431 Trial
5/4/2023 Amber Olsen 22M1908 Trial
5/8/2023 Casey Carroll 22CR1179 Trial
5/16/2023 Casey Carroll 22CR5085 Trial
5/30/2023 Weston Dennig  22CR324 Trial
6/5/2023 Anthony Baros 21CR1259 Trial
6/6/2023 Rusty Vogt 22M3115 Trial
6/27/2023 Jornai Snodgrass 22CR24 Trial
6/29/2023 Robert Blake 22CR388 Trial
7/5/2023 Brandon Nash  22CR1172 Trial
7/20/2023 Ashley Wall 22M2008 Trial
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado