CASES CALLED OFF -  March 01, 2024 - 04:54 PM
  The following court hearings have been called off.  They are listed by date of appearance. 
You do not have to appear in court if the case is listed below.   
Appearance Date  Defendant Name  Case Number  Hearing Type 
3/4/2024 Caryn Sisneros  23M565 Trial 
Michael Freitas 23CR652 Trial
Matthias Brehm  23CR405 Trial 
Daniel Fernandez 23CR99 Trial 
Steven Larch  23T1923 Motions Hearing 
Steven Larch  23T2043 Motions Hearing 
Steven Larch  23T2057 Motions Hearing 
Jessica Enos 23CR5057 Trial 
Nicholas Connor  23T633 Trial 
Brandon Fox  24CR86 Preliminary Hearing
3/5/2024 Michael Foster  23M377 Trial 
Thomas Steffens  23CR5101 Trial 
Bradley Conley 23M2421 Trial 
3/6/2024 Antonio Chick  23JD245 Trial 
3/7/2024 Meghann Ealy  23M1340 Trial 
Jennifer King  23CR671 Trial 
3/12/2024 Cody Haller 22CR1571 Trial
Aaron McElhinney 23CR5112 Trial
Austin Sullivan 23CR5094 Trial
3/13/2024 Jessica Enos 23CR5063 Trial 
3/14/2024 Noel Bean 23M2096 Trial
3/19/2024 Aireka Smith 23M1716 Motions Hearing 
3/25/2024 Cody Haller 22CR1571 Trial
Gary Swenson 23CR117 Trial
Andrew Gregg 21CR762 Trial 
Brandon Cupp 23M2152 Trial 
Corey Randle  22CR782 Trial 
Rodney Ogren 23T1875 Trial
Daniel Salazar 23CR679 Trial 
3/27/2024 Brandan Schwindt  23M1015 Trial 
4/1/2024 Neicill Mcnair  22T2379 Trial 
4/4/2024 Aireka Smith 23M1716 Trial
4/11/2024 Abraham Ybarra 23M5013 Trial
Michael Fuller 23T464 Trial
4/18/2024 Kathrine Nelson  22M2755 Trial 
4/25/2024 Joshua Kruckeberg 23T1224 Trial
5/22/2024 Luis Marquez 22CR202 Trial
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado