CALL OFF -  June 19, 2018 - 01:48 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
May. 31 Ryan Oliver 17CR1588 Continued
Aug. 24 Ben Otto 17CR966 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
20-Jun Yolanda Silva 17CR1002 Continued
Jun.21  Ryan Hodson 17M2304 Vacated
Jun. 27 Rebecca Fife 17M2141 Vacated
Aug. 1 Mark Fitzgerald 18M974 Vacated
Mark Fitzgerald 18T906 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Jun. 18 Bryan Johnson 17CR836 Continued
Jun. 19 Tasha Foushi 17CR1499 Continued
Cleveland Akin 18M55 Vacated
Julia Gonzalez-Rojas 17CR1537 Continued
Dominique Samuels 17M2888 Continued
Curtis Jones 17M2442 Vacated
Amber Beckman 17M2937 Vacated
Vincent Mullaly 17M2509 Continued
Michael Hupke 17M2715 vacated
Ricky Romero 17M1035 vacated
Christina Clark 16M6207 vacated
Phillip Goodman 17M2243 Vacated
Jun. 20 Hannah Weber 17CR1785 Plead
Jun. 21 Paul Saunders 17T2449 Plead
Soyna Hansen 17CR1009 Plead
Ronald Collins 15M2344 Vacated
Anthony Martinez 17CR1868 Continued
Wallace Moore 17M3121 Continued
Nathan Seltzer 18M38 Vacated
Steven Weber 17T1513 Continued
Jazmine Rodriguez 17T395 Plead
Rosie Gonzales 17T1707 Continued
Robert Rice 17M1385 dismissed
Joseph Aragon 16M6192 Dismissed
Jun. 25 Conan Carter 17CR1666 Plead
Jun. 26 Tristan Plunkett 17M3094 Plead
Matthew Miller 17M2172 Continued
Elbert Garner 15CR257 Plead
Nathaniel Pierson 16CR5967 Continued
Jul. 10 Justin Griffin 17CR2331 Plead
Jul. 12 Donald Rodarte 17CR1547 Plead
Jul. 16 Terrence Richardson 16CR6262 Continued
Laura Tompkins 17CR1619 Dismissed
Jul. 23 Brian Tate 17CR1633 Vacated  
Jayel Wilder 17CR767 Plead
Justin Griffin 17CR1899 Plead
Joshua Kenyon 17CR914 Plead
Sonya Hansen 17CR1757 Plead
Jul. 26 Edward Studebaker 17M3250 Dismissed
Jul. 30 Pablo Chairez 17CR1114 Plead
Terrence Richardson 16CR5832 Vacated
Aug. 2 Parker Lieberman 17M3421 Vacated
Efrain Godoy 17M1467 Continued
Aug. 8 Bryan Johnson 18CR137 Continued
Aug. 9 Jayel Wilder 17CR1736 Plead
Aug. 13 Trevor Rogalski 17CR1298 Plead
Aug. 16 Lacey Cloud 15M2240 Plead
Aug. 30 Joshua Trumball 18M556 Dismissed
Mark Fitzgerald 18M626 Plead
Lauren Alvarez 17M3549 Vacated
Sep. 6 Jason Downs 17M3502 Dismissed
Ryan Hodson 17M2304 Vacated
Sep. 11 Bryan Johnson 18CR346 Continued
Sep. 13 Paul Morgan 17M3372 Vacated
Sep. 27 Ben Otto 17CR966 Vacated
Oct. 1 Nathan White 16CR6087 Vacated
Oct. 15 Mark Fitzgerald 18T906 Vacated
Oct. 18 Mark Fitzgerald 18M974 Vacated
Oct. 22 Aaron Morphis 17CR1391 Vacated
Oct. 29 Aaron Morphis 17CR1256 Vacated
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado