CALL OFF -  July 01, 2022 - 03:24 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Jul. 5 Maynard Peltier 20CR1457 Continued
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Jul. 6 Rachael Dalke 20CR1073 Plea
Jul. 8 Monica Coonis 20CR1515 Dismissed
Jul. 15 Steven Cordova 22CR330 Vacated
Jul. 22 Rachael Dalke 20CR1073 Continued
Kathryn Hoops 21CR122 Vacated
Oct. 5 Lucas Salazar 21CR1172 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:                      
Jul. 5 Eduardo Barrera 21CR582 Continued
Cody Hodge 21CR566 Vacated
Jul. 6 James Zlomke 21CR1856 Plea
Glenn Grueling  21CR1440 Dismissed
Jason Saul 21CR1699 Continued
Rafael Garibay 21CR1100 Vacated
Jul. 11 Armani Andrews 21CR1340 Continued
Joshua Kellaway 22CR64 Plea
Brooke Wilson 21CR885 Dismissed
Tab Hughes 20CR1455 Vacated
Jul. 13 Charles Augmon 20CR366 Plea
Jul. 14 Andrea Wise 21M1585 Continued
Marin Zeyen 21M2530 Vacated
Kortney Oneill 21CR946 Vacated
Jul. 19 Bobby Miller 20M661 Vacated
Jul. 21 David Carrol 21M3052 Dismissed
Joseph Christensen 21M2158 Vacated
Marin Zeyen 21M2836 Vacated
Mary Sandoval  21CR3421 Continued
Jul. 25 Francisco Avila-Sanchez 21T2229 Continued
Dustin Roehm 21T38 Continued
Donald Pope 21CR324 Continued
Jul. 26 Bryan Mathews 21M1922 Vacated
Jul. 27 Marin Zeyen 21M2707 Vacated
Jul. 28 Hunter Gross 21M1939 Vacated
Brooke Ramsey 21M3265 Vacated
Michelle Backus 21T2257 Plea
Jun. 29 Jessica Childress 21CR1869 Dismissed
Aug. 1 Devon Kelley 21CR1292 Dismissed
Scott McCallum 21CR1515 Plea
Aug. 4 Candice Valencia 20M1301 Plea
Kyle Nickerson 21CR134 Vacated
Aug. 8 Gilbert Galan 22CR265 Vacated
Aldo Flores-Luna 21CR1240 Plea
Jesse Leszko 21CR1948 Vacated
Aug. 10 Michael Kammers 22CR78 Continued
Aug. 11 Jason Lunk 20M351 Dismissed
Jason Lunk 20M127 Dismissed
Jason Lunk 19M2941 Dismissed
Aug. 15 James Young 21CR1028 Vacated
Eduardo Vazquez-Guizar 20CR1671 Vacated
Aug. 15 Rachael Dalke 20CR1073 Plea
Aug. 22 Saul Herrera 21M2225 Dismissed
Shane Mathre 22CR413 Continued
Tab Hughes 21CR143 Vacated
Aug. 29 Ryan McCoy 21CR1596 Continued
Sep. 6 Kathryn Hoops 20CR1783 Continued
Sep. 15 Amber Wilder 21M893 Vacated
Sep. 16 Ildefonso Carrillo 21CR1152 Continued
Sep. 20 Tabitha Oliver 22M154 Dismiss
Nov. 7 Lucas Salazar 21CR1172 Vacated
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado