CALL OFF -  May 19, 2022 - 01:32 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
May. 19 Austin Owens 22CR50 Vacated
Joseph Sanchez 22CR423 Plea
Zachary Norvell 21CR689 Vacated
Zachary Norvell 21CR561 Vacated
Zachary Norvell 21CR643 Vacated
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
May. 19 Robert Hice 21CR1063 Continued
May. 20 Nicholas Giglio 21CR514 Vacated
May. 25 Brooke Ramsey 21M3265 Vacated
Jul. 8 Monica Coonis 20CR1515 Dismissed
Jul. 22 Rachael Dalke 20CR1073 Continued
Kathryn Hoops 21CR122 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:                      
May. 17 Justin Robledo 21T552 Vacated
Tre Kruckenberg 21T1237 Vacated
Cassandra Shively 20M3052 Vacated
Jessica Waugh 21CR1187 Plea
Jerry Morgan 18M2807 Dismissed
Javier Aceves 21CR212 Vacated
May. 18 Michael Hupke 21CR1838 Dismissed
May. 19 Jasen Rodriguez 21CR1896 Vacated
Ryan Lange 21CR1719 Plea
Justin Robledo 21T1236 Vacated
Guy Hopkins 20T767 Vacated
May. 23 Michael Albert 21CR1089 Vacated
Brian Camacho-Prandini 21CR858 Continued
Todd Rider 21CR1818 Vacated
Jason Lunk 21CR1077 Continued
Wesley Mazzuca 21JD122 Vacated
May. 24 Curtis Gregory 21M2532 Vacated
May. 26 Amber Wilder 21M893 Continued
May. 31 Jon Michaels 20M1548 Dismissed
Jun. 1 Ivan Zablotskiy 21CR213 Plea
Jun. 2 Andrew Brown 21M2011 Continued
David Rohde 20M3123 Vacated
Guy Hopkins 21T105 Vacated
Jun. 6 Brian Camacho-Prandini 21CR858 Continued
Jun. 7 Andrea Wise 20M2596 Vacated
Andrew Brown 21T369 Continued
Brie Valentine 21M2016 Continued
Chase Burkholder 21M1370 Vacated
Jun. 9 Randy Neverson 21M1289 Dismissed
Brian Jensen 21M3149 Dismissed
Andrea Wise 21M487 Continued
Justin Duran 20T1355 Vacated
Jun. 13 Marcus Anthony 21CR1027 Plea
Jun. 16 Troy Gallegos 21M2373 Vacated
Jun. 21 Robert Pharris 21CR1293 Continued
Frank Maldonado 21CR1442 Plea
Jun. 22 Thomas Parker 20CR1343 Vacated
Jun. 23 Kortney Oneill 21CR946 Continued
Jun. 29 James Ward 21CR1588 Continued
Jul. 11 Armani Andrews 21CR1340 Continued
Joshua Kellaway 22CR64 Plea
Jul. 13 Charles Augmon 20CR366 Plea
Jul. 14 Andrea Wise 21M1585 Continued
Jul. 21 David Carrol 21M3052 Dismissed
Joseph Christensen 21M2158 Vacated
Aug. 4 Candice Valencia 20M1301 Plea
Aug. 8 Gilbert Galan 22CR265 Vacated
Aug. 15 James Young 21CR1028 Vacated
Sep. 16 Ildefonso Carrillo 21CR1152 Continued
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado