Fall burn season begin September 1, 2023

Open Burn Information

Guide to Open Burning (English) Guide to Open Burning (Spanish)

Do I need a permit?

In order to burn, Mesa County residents need a Residential Burn Permit or an Agricultural Burn Permit.

To apply for a Burn Permit, please complete the following information:


If you do not have an email address, Please enter N/A.
We will not share your email with anyone else.


Only select your address or parcel number from the dropdown list. Do not use auto-fill.

Type in the beginning of your address (start with your house number) or parcel number. The system will search for the address and show a list. Be sure to select the correct address or parcel number from the list before moving on to the next step.

The system does not recognize punctuation. Please use abbreviations such as Rd for Road, St for Street, Ave for Avenue, Ct for Court, and Pkwy for Parkway.

Mailing Address